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Since today is a holiday that is widely celebrated, we just wanted to send out some good wishes to all. Whether you are celebrating today or not, tis the season to spread good cheer.

We know that the kids really only care about the presents. While the adults really care more about a day of rest and a break from work. We hope that you are enjoying the day, no matter how you plan to spend it.

Happy Holidays

We, personally, are going to do our best not to work today. But as perpetual workaholics, that seems to be a hard thing for us to do regularly. But our plan is to spend the morning with the kids watching them open the few presents that we got them, and then spend the afternoon playing board games and/or wandering the neighborhood on scooters.

I know that I plan to drink some delicious coffee this morning with my favorite Trader Joe’s Peppermint Mocha Hot Chocolate mixed in and then follow it up later with some red wine.

I love making craft coffee on the cheap, and this is one of my favorite ways to do it. In fact, I buy as many tins of this stuff as I can while it is in the stores and then ration it throughout the year. As for the food, who knows!

We are celebrating with my family tomorrow, so today is a day where we are just winging it. Tomorrow will be more formal and we have to cook/bake the things we are supposed to bring to the potluck, so that will probably happen today.

I have to bring my famous toffee for holiday treats, so I am hoping that I can get one of my helper’s to assist with the cracking process sometime today.

Other than that, it will be a free for all. I’m thinking maybe “hodgepodge” for all meals. What that means in our house is whatever leftovers we can find in the fridge that we can create a meal out of.

And that is it for the plan for today, which is saying a lot for us. We like to go, go, go and have a hard time stopping, but are really trying to stop and smell the roses and spend time with our monkeys today.

We hope that you are doing the same thing and that you have a wonderful holiday season!

What ways are you planning to spend your holiday season that makes it special?