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A couple of years ago I got turned onto Love With Food by a gluten free blogger in Canada. I had never heard of this service before, but based on his review and the fact that they will craft the ENTIRE box to be filled with gluten free goodies, I had to try it. It was a huge driving factor for me that I didn’t have to sign up for anything crazy such as a year or more, but could try it on a month to month basis.


The first time we got this box, my son and I were so excited to have something crafted just for us. Each box comes with around 12-15 different products and very few of them have been products that we haven’t cared for. We have found so many new products, that we didn’t know even existed, that it has been truly a gluten free blessing for us. Of course, my daughter loves seeing what is in the box too. Especially if there is anything with chocolate in it!

I realized after getting the box for almost a year that I could get it even cheaper if I just ponied up the dough and purchased it for a year, instead of month to month. At first, I was resistant to the idea. However, when I sat down and looked at the hard numbers, it simply didn’t make sense NOT to change how I subscribed to this service because we loved it so much. On top of that realization, they happen to run specials around Thanksgiving and Christmas to get a discount on top of the already discounted yearly rate.
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I was able to get my monthly box for $19.15 instead of the $24.95 I was paying. That is almost $6 a month that I am saving for the exact same box! Because I have been with them for a while, they also asked me to participate in a program where they send me free smaller boxes monthly to test out new products. I simply couldn’t say no to that!

The most recent products I tried were absolutely fantastic! These are in order of my favorite to least favorite, but all of them got 9-10 stars.

Walker’s Gluten Free Shortbread Cookies

Walker's Shortbread CookiesThese were by far, the best gluten free shortbread cookies that have run across my mouth to date. I have a love of shortbread cookies, so I was excited to try these. They were not too hard, which I don’t like, but they weren’t too soft either. Therefore, perfect consistency. The flavor was out of this world and went fabulously with my cup of coffee. My son came in and polished off the rest of them and then asked for more, so he obviously approves!

If you haven’t run across these yet, you have got to find them because they are out of this world! Of course, if you have found a gluten free shortbread cookie that you think is the best, please tell me because I would love to try it!

Beanitos Garden Fresh Salsa Bean Chips

Beanitos Salsa ChipsWe found Beanitos a little while ago and one of our children is OBSESSED! He walks around singing “Beanitos” regularly and attempts to weave the word into as many sentences as possible. We even considered just buying him big bags of them for his Christmas presents, but I can honestly tell you that I forgot to get them in the holiday craziness.

I hadn’t tried the Garden Fresh Salsa chips prior to getting them in the box and loved the flavor. I love anything and everything with a Mexican flavor (that is probably the Southern California girl part of me), so I was excited about these. And they didn’t disappoint. They were delicious and packed with flavor. All of these chips have a slightly beany aftertaste, but that is normal due to the fact that they are made out of BEANS!

The kids all tried them and loved them too. In fact, somebody (probably the Beanitos obsessed child) licked the bag, so I’d say they are a clear winner in our family.

RW Garcia Sweet Potato Crackers

Sweet Potato CrackersFirst and foremost, let me tell you that I am NOT a sweet potato fan. Unless they are Chipotle Sweet Potato fries with Chipotle Mayo, I am not interested. However, these were surprisingly good. They weren’t overly sweet and they had just the right amount of sea salt to balance out the sweetness but didn’t kill my palate.

I will tell you that the “crackers” descriptor is not exactly accurate in my book. These are definitely more in the “chip” realm, which is fine by me, because they could still be used for dipping in some hummus. The kids liked them too, but not as much as the other two products tried.

FreeYum Double Chocolate Cookie

FreeYum Chocolate CookiesNow, I realize that most women love chocolate. I am some strange anomaly and am not one of them. I am more in the sour/savory category, so I wasn’t excited by this option. For chocolate cookies, they weren’t bad. They were a bit on the crumbly side, but I really liked the ingredients that they put into them.

My children were MUCH bigger fans of this cookie than I was, but they all like chocolate more than me, so that probably has something to do with it. In fact, my daughter asked me if I could please find them for her so that she could take them to school for lunch. Ha! I might try to track them down for her, but not for her to take to school for lunch!

Overall, I am excited about my Love With Food box every single month and always find new products to love. I am also excited to be a part of this “guinea pig” program and can’t wait to see what they send me next.

Have you tried Love With Food yet? If so, what has been your experience and what is your favorite new find?