Pantry Clean Out!


Meal Planning Has NEVER Been So Easy!

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What’s For Dinner?

Have you ever come home from work and heard this? Or even thought this yourself? If so, we can help you! Most of the time, the issue is not having anything in the house to eat, but figuring out what to make out of what you’ve got that is nutritious and delicious. We will break this down into 2 consecutive days and work with you to:

Day 1

  • Clean out your pantry!
  • Assist you with figuring out which foods you should be eating based on your needs, wants and goals
  • Create a menu of either 3, 5, 7 or 9 meals
  • Take you grocery shopping and teach you how to decipher what is really in all of those foods
  • Teach you how to purchase nutrient dense foods that taste great on a budget

Day 2

  • Prepare the number of meals of your choosing
  • Teach you how to combine the leftovers into completely different meals to avoid food boredom

Once you are armed with all of this knowledge, you won’t be able to create boring meals ever again!

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3 Meals, 5 Meals, 7 Meals, 9 Meals


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