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I happen to be a huge proponent of brushing my teeth regularly. And we do our best to ensure that our children do it also. But sometimes that can be a challenge, especially with the younger ones. Not only that, but when they do brush, it is not always the most effective. Out of the blue,a friend of mine passed some information along to me about a revolutionary new toothbrush that is on the market.

I reached out to the developer of this brainchild, Steven Walther, and was able to get some samples to try. The following is my review on the Toof-inger Brush!

Toof-inger Brush Review

Toof_inger BrushWe were sent 2 packages of the kids Toof-inger brushes and one package of the adult brushes. This is probably because we have 5 kids and they all needed to try them. The kids brushes come in 4 different colors but the adults only have one color, which doesn’t matter to us.

The Perks

The really cool thing about these brushes is how short and flexible the handles are. These are fantastic for kids and their smaller hands! According to the website, here is the logic behind the design:

  • “The handle has an ergonomic grip for a comfortable hold at any angle.”
  • “The bristles are soft with an elevated-tip to help reach behind and between teeth.”
  • “The mid-section is pliable and will flex when unhealthy pressure is applied.”

I can attest to all of the above facts being true, based on our usage.

This company also donates toothbrushes to kids all over the world every time you order. Which I am absolutely thrilled about!

What We Liked

Not only did the kids seem to be brushing better, but they had a much better grip on their brushes. They also didn’t seem to be brushing as hard, which is a great thing for them to learn now so that they don’t run the risk of self-inflicted gum recession.

Bryan and I both loved them and use them every day. I love how much shorter the handle is and I can tell when I start to brush too hard because the handle flexes under the pressure. I also feel that I can get my back teeth better than with my other toothbrush. This is a very good thing for me because I have wisdom teeth still and those can be a challenge to keep clean.

Toothbrush Complaints

On the up side for this product, there was really only one complaint. And it wasn’t by us adults, but by the children. I know, surprise, surprise. The children found something to complain about!

Their only complaint was that they wanted “cooler” color options or designs on the kids toothbrushes.Seeing as this company is still in start up phase, I can understand why they only have a few options to begin with. But I am sure that they will expand those options as they grow larger.

The Takeaway

Overall, we loved these toothbrushes as a family. They help us brush more efficiently and effectively and they are easier to hold. These toothbrushes don’t cost an arm and a leg either.

They start at $4.00 a brush if you opt into their monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly plan where they automatically ship you another toothbrush during that time frame. This is to ensure the most efficient brushing because the regular replacement of toothbrushes is important for overall teeth and gum health. But, if you only want to start with a single toothbrush, then they start at $6.00 and you have a 2 week trial period. If you don’t like it, you can return it.

I, personally, like everything about these toothbrushes and what they are trying to do for overall world health. If you haven’t checked this company out yet, then you certainly should!


A note to all bloggers! Steven would love to send you samples to try. So if you are interested in giving his new Toof-inger brushes a try, please shoot him an email at

Have you heard of the Toof-inger toothbrush? If not, then give it a shot and let me know what you think!