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This is a previous post that I have been asked about a lot. So I figured it was time to make some updates and re-release it. I would love to hear your thoughts on Kale Bone!

While I was in Atlanta for the weekend, not too long ago, I met a server at First Watch who asked me if I had ever heard of Kale Bone. Now, I love getting into conversations about food and nutrition and finding out new things. So when he mentioned this, and I had never heard of it, I just had to research it! I am excited that I ran into this knowledgeable server and that he imparted these two words “Kale Bone” to me, because it pushed me to look into it.

What is Kale Bone?

Just the name alone is intriguing. Apparently, there is a really cool restaurant in Atlanta called Soul Vegetarian, that serves (you guessed it) vegetarian food. Why haven’t I heard of this place yet? I honestly don’t know how my friend didn’t know about this place, but since there are 2 different locations, there has got to be one that isn’t too far from where they live.

It appears that one of their most revered dishes just happens to be a Super Kalebone Roast. Their description of this dish is:

“Soul Vegetarian exclusive! Nutritious protein packed sandwich made with our homemade wheat gluten recipe.”

Uh oh! My new server friend must have forgotten the whole gluten free thing about me. While the reviews that I tracked down were pretty darn good, this is not something that I will able to partake in, for obvious reasons.

Since the Kale Bone is made with seitan, which is chock full of gluten, this is a no fly zone for me. However, if they could make a gluten free version with tempeh instead, we’d be in business! And I would LOVE to be their guinea pig. I am just throwing that out there!

But my even bigger question is: does it actually have kale in it also? This isn’t listed ANYWHERE on their website or in any of the reviews. I am presuming they put kale in it, otherwise, why would they throw “kale” into the name? This has yet to be determined though.

Have you ever heard of this vegetarian dish?

Other Options

While their menu looks fairly diverse, they seem to favor wheat. A LOT! I can’t say that I fully understand the propensity for the copious amounts of gluten offered, because they weed out a large chunk of us by doing so. But, they do have some offerings that look promising for those of us that can’t handle gluten and are vegetarian.

Some of these potential culinary delights are:

  • Jerusalem Rice Dish
  • Barbecue Tofu
  • Vegetable Plate
  • Herb Potatoes
  • Eggless Bowl
  • Garlic Split Pea Soup
  • Carrot Supreme Salad Plate
  • Garden Salad
  • Eggless Salad Plate
  • Hearty Vegetable Patty (depends on the binder used)
  • Tasty Lentil Burger (depends on the binder used)

The Takeaway

It is really too bad that I can’t try this supposedly awesome Kale Bone. Because now that I have looked into it, it seems like something that I would be really into. But, the whole gluten thing is going to prevent me from doing so. However, I am glad that I learned about this dish and this restaurant.

Due to looking into this, I am driven to try this restaurant the next time I am in Atlanta. So a big thanks to Kai at First Watch for bringing this to my attention, even though I can’t actually eat it.

I am always open to suggestions and learning about new foods. So if you know of a really good place or specific dish, then please let me know!

Have you tried one of the Kale Bone dishes as Soul Vegetarian? If so, what were your thoughts on it?