Usui Reiki Image

Reiki is a form of Japanese alternative medicine in which the practitioner channels energy using their hands to promote healing, relaxation and reduce stress. I am a Level 2 Practitioner of Usui Reiki and use this skill to not only promote healing but to assist with assessing possible nourishment deficiencies. I have been using this skill to heal myself for years and didn’t even realize what it was until I went to my first Reiki training class. I have found these sessions to be extremely helpful when coupled with whole body health, both emotionally and physically.


  • Fees run $50 for a typical session, which is approximately 45 minutes, if you come to me.
  • If you prefer for me to come to you, the fee is $60 for a Reiki session.
  • If you require a more targeted session, instead of a whole body treatment, the charge is $35 and runs approximately 25-30 minutes.