How to Make Craft Coffee at Home on a Budget - Adaptive Nourishment

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Many moons ago, I used to love to go out and splurge on craft coffee regularly. As time went by and my life changed drastically, I realized that was not only a luxury that I couldn’t afford, but a ridiculous way to spend my money. I love coffee though, and not just black (if the beans are good) but dressed up with some flavor. So, I decided to get creative and make my own craft coffee at home. Thereby still enjoying something I love, but not killing my wallet at the same time.

The Coffee

The first thing I did was work on finding good coffee for a good price. In all reality, any coffee that you purchase at the store is already going to be cheaper than purchasing a $5 cup of coffee at one of the coffee shops. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to find a heck of a deal on the coffee also, just to keep my wallet fatter.

I started scouring the apps that I regularly use, such as KrogerTarget CartwheelIbotta, Walgreens and CVS. What I am looking for are the deals on coffee such as Peet’s, Dunkin Donuts, Eight O’Clock, Seattle’s Best, etc. More often than not, I can find these regularly priced around $5-$6 per bag. However, take for example, Kroger currently has a coupon for Seattle’s Best for $1.05 off of a bag, which are regularly priced at $4.99. That brings the price down to $3.94 per 12 oz bag!

That is a pretty darn good price for a 12 oz bag of coffee, seeing as I can get at least 20 pots from my French Press out of it. I have found an even better deal before though with Target and Ibotta for this exact brand. Target was running a 2 for $5 deal and Ibotta had a $1 off rebate that I used in conjunction, which brought the price down to $2 per bag. That is crazy talk!

The math alone for that deal breaks it down to $.10 per French Press and I get approximately 3 cups out of a pot, so that is only $.033 per cup of coffee, with nothing in it!

Sweeten It Up

Now that the coffee base is taken care of, the “craft” part comes next. I really like to stock up on Trader Joe’s Peppermint Hot Chocolate in the winter time because just adding that to my coffee makes a delightful mint mocha. Their 8 oz canister runs $4.99 and I can get about 16 servings out of it, since I only use about a 1/2 oz for my coffee. That breaks down to $.31 per serving.

Craft CoffeeI use Trader Joe’s Organic Half and Half which is $2.69 per quart. Of course, this all depends on how much cream you like, but I can get 20 servings out of a quart. With that many servings, I am looking at $.14 per serving.

Topping the sweet delight off with whipped cream is essential, in my book, at least. Trader Joe’s also carries Cabot Whipped Cream, which is my favorite store bought brand. This brand runs $1.99 per can at Trader Joe’s, which breaks down to $.12 per serving since I get approximately 16 servings out of a can. Of course, if Bryan is home, and I ask him nicely, he will make me some of his delicious homemade whipped cream instead!

Now that we have all of the ingredients to make a homemade craft Peppermint Mocha, the costs break down to this, per cup:

  • Coffee – $.03
  • Peppermint Hot Chocolate – $.31
  • Organic Half and Half – $.14
  • Organic Whipped Cream – $.12


This is SO much cheaper than purchasing a cup of coffee out, that why would I ever do it again? Honestly, I only do if I have a meeting with a client or if I get gift cards.

Other Options

What if you aren’t a Peppermint Mocha fan? Well, I make other options regularly also. So here are a few other things you could add to your coffee to create a homemade craft coffee delight for a HUGE discount!

Morning Coffee

I must have morning coffee!

  • Young Living Essential Oils (I like to use the peppermint and just 1 drop packs a GIANT punch, so don’t overdo it) – $ varies depending on oil
  • Agave (Trader Joe’s Organic Blue) – $3.29 / 20 servings = $.16 per serving
  • Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea (Trader Joe’s) – $3.99 /16 servings = $.25 per serving
  • Mocha (Hershey’s 100% Cacao or Special Dark Unsweetened Powder) – $3.50 / 20 servings = $.18 per serving
  • Vanilla Chai (Oregon Chai Vanilla Chai Tea Latte Mix) – $3.78 / 20 servings = $.19 per serving

These are just a few of the other options that I like to add, but there are a plethora of choices out there. The takeaway here is that you can easily make your own craft coffee’s at home without much work or the exorbitant cost associated with going out to a coffee shop.

What different things have you added to your coffee at home to recreate the craft coffee experience without killing your wallet?