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The Art of Being a PITA

Do you work a corporate job and HATE it?

Do you feel stuck in a box that society has shoved you in (and left you to die)?

Breaking free from typical career conventions, author Shanah Bell’s The Art of Being a Pita guides new сортавала достопримечательности adults and recent college graduates through the ins-and-outs of living life the way they want to-the way that no one talks about.

By rejecting the mainstream ideology that a typical 9 to 5 work-day is the only way to be successful, Shanah explains how she has made a happy and prosperous living by working multiple non-traditional jobs and side-grinds.

Continually seeking new experiences and growing tired of old jobs, she asserts that going against the grain not only challenged her to think outside the box, but also made her an absolute expert on adapting and diversifying-a skill that comes in handy in the most unexpected ways. With a time-line of the myriad of jobs she’s held and the lessons they taught her, to a breakdown of basic financial steps that each unconventional-worker should take to secure their future.

The Art of Being a Pita is the ultimate life-style guide to making and sustaining a happy, unorthodox life.


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